Your employees' mental wellness reimagined, powered by AI

Hanu helps companies achieve peak performance through employee mental wellness.
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Gain awareness, take action & get results

Leveraging AI technology, Hanu analyzes over 10,000 data points, identifies correlations in employee behavior, and provides a comprehensive blueprint for optimizing mental and emotional well-being.

Visualize employee and what affects their mental wellness

Visualize employee data at the enterprise level based on common attributes, behaviors and needs. This allows you to provide targeted solutions that are impactful and cost effective.

Get proactive with targeted and effective solutions

Don't wait for annual employee surveys, employee burnout or poor performance to take action. View your organization near realtime, identify problem areas, implement programs and measure the results.

Monitor and measure progress over time

No more guesswork. Hanu tracks everything so you can see what programs are being used, which ones are helping and which ones you can cut based on objective data.
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Daily Progress
Your single and complete mental and emotional wellness tool covering mind, body & sleep.
action plan
A personalized and comprehensive plan for your day with intelligent notifications.
Effective exercises for your mind, available when you need them.
Powerful AI driven insights based on your life and the data you’re already collecting.

How the pilot program works

Step 1: Onboarding
Key company team members collaborate with Hanu to develop custom insights, dashboards, and reports for proactive, data-driven program decisions.
Step 2: Engagement
Employees download the Hanu app and receive weekly insights to enhance their mental and emotional wellness. Eligible participants can earn rewards for consistent engagement.
Step 3: Insights
Hanu provides meta reports derived from the insights co-created during onboarding to optimize spending, identify blind spots, and drive efficiency in wellness programs.
Step 4: Celebrate
Join us for a post-pilot celebration where we delve into exciting new initiatives aimed at further supporting employee well-being and fostering a culture of comprehensive wellness.
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Unlock peak mental performance among your employees

Businesses face rising insurance costs alongside a significant uptick in stress, burnout, and work-life balance struggles among employees. Hanu provides you and your employees peace of mind.
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What is Employee Metadata Analysis, and how does it benefit businesses?
Employee Metadata Analysis involves providing participating businesses with detailed insights derived from employees’ Apple health data at the organizational level. This analysis empowers businesses to make informed decisions and optimize resource allocation for tailored wellness programs.
What does Hanu offer in terms of comprehensive wellness solutions?
Hanu provides a comprehensive mental and emotional wellness solution addressing both individual and organizational needs. This personalized approach includes stress management, burnout prevention, work-life balance improvement, anxiety reduction, and assessments of career goals, workload, and stress levels, fostering a culture of well-being and productivity.
How does Hanu's platform foster a Data-driven Approach to employee wellness management?
Hanu's platform enables a data-driven approach to employee wellness management by facilitating cost reduction, comprehensive measurement of wellness program impact, and offering targeted solutions for enhanced effectiveness.
How does Hanu ensure Confidentiality and Data Visualization?
Hanu prioritizes maintaining individual user data confidentiality while enabling peer support and learning through confidential recommendations within similar user groups. Additionally, Hanu offers a comprehensive heat map for confidentiality-enabled targeted and proactive solutions within the organization, along with continuous evaluation to track progress effectively.
What are the Benefits of Hanu's platform for Employees?
Hanu's platform offers comprehensive wellness support beyond traditional metrics, including personalized assessments of career goals, workload management, stress, and burnout monitoring, ensuring tailored support aligned with individual needs and aspirations. Moreover, it supports behavioral change by aggregating employee data into one centralized location, providing insights and trends over time.
How does Hanu facilitate access to Therapy Modalities for employees?
Hanu grants employees full access to all modalities of therapy within the app, ensuring comprehensive wellness support tailored to individual needs.
What is the Hanu Health Revolution, and how can businesses join?
The Hanu Health Revolution represents a transformation in organizational wellness strategy, unlocking the full potential of employees. Businesses can join this revolution by partnering with Hanu Health to enhance employee well-being and achieve organizational success.
How can businesses learn more and partner with Hanu Health?
Businesses interested in partnering with Hanu Health can contact us today to learn more about our offerings and how we can support them on their journey to employee well-being and organizational success.