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The world’s first data driven platform for mental health monitoring and coaching.

Personalized data to
be the best version of you

Personalized data to be the best version of you

Hanu Health Stress Resilience Score Home
Hanu provides real-time feedback on how life events impact your stress resilience.

One tool to measure, train,
and optimize your stress resiliency

One tool to measure, train, and optimize your stress resiliency

Hanu Health Biometric Data Home

Biometric data

Meaningful data about your body’s response to stress.
Hanu Health Analysis Home


Actionable and personal data and feedback.

practice & improve

Improve yourself through our exercises and more.

We focus on stress so you don’t have to

We are clinical psychologists, psychophysiologists, mental health experts, and health and wellness coaches. We know stress and it’s our goal to help.
Good Data Great Outcomes

Good data leads to great outcomes

We capture the right data to help you understand your stress resilience. Track your data and use it to help guide your therapeutic options.
Hanu Health Realtime HR & HRV Home

Realtime HR & HRV

Realtime HR and HRV allow you to see how life and life’s events affect you. Use this as a tool to measure the impacts of stress.

Training means optimizing

Find the perfect therapeutic exercises that subjectively and objectively help you the most.
Hanu Health Training & Optimizing Home

Take control of your life

Stress is a part of life. Hanu helps you control your stress so you can get back to what’s important—living.

What people are saying

Ben Greenfield

“Tracking HRV is a topic that is near and dear to my heart, since it’s the primary daily quantification method via which I track my readiness to train, nervous system health, and overall wellness of myself and all my clients.”

Lauren Sambataro

“I feel empowered being able to gather momentary feedback regarding how my nervous system is responding to my day, and at the same time having powerful, yet incredibly simple strategies to shift my state on the spot! Unlike overnight metrics, I have the agency to optimize my health here and now!”

Hanu podcast

Our founder Dr. Jay T. Wiles interviews diverse industry and scientific leaders, and pioneers in helping others to improve their mental and physical health.

Hanu Blog (Learn)

There is a lot to learn about stress, stress resiliency and human optimization. Our blog (called The Wave) is a repository of amazing information on these subjects and way more.

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