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Key Hanu features

Increase Stress Resiliency

Use our proprietary Stress Resiliency Score to help you understand how primed your body is to deal with life’s stressors.

Life Events

Track events that either improve or degrade your stress resiliency. Annotate events and find patterns.

Improve Cognitive Function

Improve your cognitive function by balancing your autonomic nervous system functioning between fight and flight and relaxation.

Stress Alerts

We’ll build a personalized stress resilience model for you and when you’re wearing your device, we’ll notify you if you enter a period of higher stress load.

Realtime HR & HRV

Gain key insights with our hyper-accurate continuous ECG driven heart rate and heart rate variability. Use our threshold analysis to know when you’re out of range.


Build your stress resiliency using our growing list of exercises. Measure both subjectively and objectively how effective they are so you can focus on what works.

Core Biometric Data

Use our core biometric data area of see how you are trending over time, measure improvement, evaluate the efficacy of your trainings and therapeutics.


Leverage our proprietary assessments to optimize the efficacy of your trainings, keep track on your improvements and more.

Hanu details

Our App

The Hanu application is built to be used daily to help you improve your stress resilience and overall mental health.

iPhone Support

We will be supporting iPhone at our launch and Android shortly there after. Our long term solution will be to support both platforms.

Return Policy

For preorders, we are happy to refund you anytime for any reason until we ship your product. After we ship your Hanu, you will have 30 days to request a return.

The Polar H10

Our hardware platform is the Polar H10 ECG chest strap. This ECG chest strap is the gold standard for HR based biometric data and allows for incredible fidelity. We use this information to help you understand your stress resilience level.

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Polar H10 & iPhone 8 or newer required

You must provide your own Polar H10 heart rate monitor and you must have an iPhone 8 or newer (that supports iOS 16). We do not support any other hardware devices at this time.