Episode 14: Q&A #4 with Patrick McKeown: Managing Anxiety While Performing Breathe Light to Breathe Right Exercises and Apnea Tables for the Common Man


Jay is once again joined by breath expert, and author of The Oxygen Advantage Patrick McKeown to discuss the latest breath techniques, the unique timing of Christmas, and much more including answers to the most burning questions from our loyal listeners!

**Editor’s note: We encountered a few problems while remotely recording this episode. While we did our best to patch things up, you’ll notice a few spots where we seem to jump from one topic to the next. It’s still a great episode, we just want you to be aware of what’s going on.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

Listener Q&A

Mike asks: How do I manage anxiety and comfortability while doing the breathe light to breathe right exercise?…21:20

In our answer, we discuss

Robert asks: What are your thoughts on apnea tables? Is this something that would benefit the every day person or is it more exclusively for free divers?

In our answer, we discuss:

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