Episode 41: The Top Avenue for Enhancing Mental Wellness w/ Dr. Jay Wiles!


We are back and we are back with an offering unlike anything we have every provided at Hanu! After many requests, Dr. Wiles is back in action in his role as a consultant and a coach! Tune in to learn all of the benefits of having Dr. Wiles as your coach, including how he can develop a tailored and personalized roadmap for enhancing your mental wellness, all powered by science and evidenced-based practices!

Your mental health is important. It is time to partner with someone and Hanu wants to partner with you. Stop letting mental health problems like stress, anxiety, and depression lead you down a path of destruction.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • New offerings at Hanu, including the Hanu Certified Coaching Program; use code HCC500 for $500 off
  • Updates to the Hanu Stress Resiliency Score Algorithm
  • Introduction to the Hanu Consulting Platform
  • Who is Hanu Consulting for?
  • What are Dr. Jay’s prior experiences and success stories?
  • How does the Hanu Consulting process work?
  • What is the goal of Hanu coaching?
  • How to get signed up at www.hanuhealth.com/consulting (limited spots)
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