Episode 23: Q&A #6 with Patrick McKeown – Improving Your Resilience to Stress with Breathwork


Jay is once again joined by breath expert, and author of The Oxygen Advantage Patrick McKeown to discuss the new Hanu wearable, stress resilience interventions, neurotic thinking, and much more including answers to the most burning questions from our loyal listeners!

In This Episode You’ll Learn

Listener Q&A

KKate asks: I’ve heard you say the ideal respiratory rate is 5-6 breaths per minute. My data from my Oura Ring is 17 breaths per minute. How do I practice breathwork or should I be working on HRV and heartrate?…40:45

In our answer, we discuss

Jacob asks: In The Oxygen Advantage, you stated that you should take short breaths in and out before you hold your breath during the BOLT test. Is a short breath meaning your normal breath, or do you actually manipulate breathing prior to the hold?…53:50

In our answer, we discuss:

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