Episode 13: HRV Q&A#2: Slow vs. Fast Breathing, Arterial Baroreflex Sensitivity, Nervous Systems Explained.


Jay covers some interesting findings from a new scientific study and delves deeply into questions from listeners about slow-paced breathing, biomarker comparisons, and a comparison of time and domain frequency measurements.

Dr. Jay T. Wiles is an international speaker, scientist, clinician, influencer, and subject-matter expert and authority on the interconnection between the human stress response and health performance/optimization. Dr. Wiles is a clinical health and performance psychologist with board certification in heart rate variability biofeedback and peripheral biofeedback and works as a leading consultant in psychophysiology to health influencers, professional athletes and teams, executives, and high performers. He has pioneered new and innovative means of using heart rate variability (HRV) and respiratory training as both diagnostic indicators of the dynamic nature of the human stress response, alongside therapeutic tools for regulating and conditioning this response for peak human performance.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

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