Welcome to Hanu!

Here’s everything you need to get started with your hanu device

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Get started with the hardware

In this video you’ll learn how to wear your Hanu device for the best possible data quality. Once done, proceed to STEP 2 where we’ll show you how to install the Hanu mobile app.

Installing the mobile app

In this video you’ll learn how to use the QR code or the URL to guide you through installing TestFlight and the Hanu app, and registering for a new Hanu account.
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Scan the QR code, or visit

Using the mobile app

In this final video you’ll learn how to connect your Hanu device to the Hanu app to start collecting data, view some basic features of the Home tab, use the My Data area of the app, and finally, use the exercises and assessments found in the Training area of the app.

You’re All Done!

Have questions about your new Hanu or need assistance with setup? We’re here to help!
Email us at help@hanuhealth.com

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