About Us - Hanu Health, Inc.

The Hanu Story

Hanu Health is a health technology company that is obsessed with helping individuals live fulfilled and meaningful lives. We believe this starts by understanding how stress, anxiety and depression impact well-being.

We are in a mental health pandemic and it is one that is inescapable. At Hanu, we do not believe that the focus and result should be an avoidance of stress or an attempt to not experience stress. Instead, we see stress as an opportunity—a chance to learn and build resilience. This starts with self-awareness and self-regulation.

Founded in 2021 by clinical health and performance psychologist, Dr. Jay T. Wiles, and serial entrepreneurs. Chris Holbrook, and Jon Bischke, Hanu set out to develop the most sophisticated, yet simple, science-based approach to enhancing stress resiliency. The idea was to seamlessly integrate technology and science to provide the first validated closed-loop wearable for teaching individuals to become more self-aware of how stress impacts their well-being and then learn better strategies for enhancing stress resiliency, all in real time.

The founders identified a large gap in the wearable market—both in the lack of wearables focused on stress and the missing component of closed-loop training/conditioning. Technology in the wearable space is great at presenting accurate data, but information regarding how to improve upon this data (closing the loop) are quite limited. This is where Hanu Health has pioneered the most sophisticated wearable on the market to provide continuous stress monitoring while subsequently providing scientifically-validated training protocols for enhancing stress resiliency. Not to mention, all of the data and training protocols are tailored to the individual.

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